Oculus Studios creates content for television, radio, print, motion graphics, and web design that is made to help our clients elevate their brands and reach their target audience. We are a company made up of individuals that are inspired by their passion and motivated by ordinary things we experience in our day to day lives. We have heroes, opinions, and insights into the world that we can't put into our work. This is a place for us to share our thoughts, motivations, and random moments of pure geekdom. Enjoy!

Lexington Aerial Photography and Video

May 1, 2015

Lexington Aerial Photography and VideoAnyone who has ever sat in the window seat on a vacation flight can attest to the beauty of seeing the world from above. Oculus Studios is an Emmy Award winning advertising and marketing agency based in Lexington Kentucky, and our focus is alway on capturing an idea in the best way possible. Within the [...]

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Marketing #likeaboss

July 24, 2014

Marketing #likeabossDuring the cold winter of 2013, Oculus came together as a company to create the year long marketing campaign for Commonwealth CU with the underlying theme “We CU Differently.” We branded Commonwealth with this slogan because they truly see their members differently and run their business different than most other company we’ve come across. They [...]

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Lexington Marketing Firm Oculus Studios Wins Record 42 Telly Awards

June 11, 2014

Lexington Marketing Firm Oculus Studios Wins Record 42 Telly AwardsOculus Studios is incredibly pleased and proud to announce winning a record 42 Telly Awards this year for our broadcast work. As an advertising firm deeply rooted in the heart of Lexington, Oculus is ecstatic to see not only the recognition of our tireless efforts, but also the commitment of our clients to quality advertising. [...]

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