Oculus Studios creates content for television, radio, print, motion graphics, and web design that is made to help our clients elevate their brands and reach their target audience. We are a company made up of individuals that are inspired by their passion and motivated by ordinary things we experience in our day to day lives. We have heroes, opinions, and insights into the world that we can't put into our work. This is a place for us to share our thoughts, motivations, and random moments of pure geekdom. Enjoy!

“Sound” Marketing – Lexington, Kentucky

February 4, 2014

“Sound” Marketing – Lexington, KentuckyA behind the scenes look at how we approach sound design in our TV commercials for the Lexington, Kentucky advertising market.

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Marketing Lexington

October 27, 2013

Marketing LexingtonWhen people say, “marketing Lexington,” they automatically associate those words with Lexington-based marketing agencies and ads. Every industry has its mecca. Film has Hollywood, Broadway has New York, and Entertainment has Las Vegas; however, it’s fair to say that national companies probably do not look to the Bluegrass very often when it comes to advertising, and [...]

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Kentucky Proud – The Wonder of Being An Advertising Agency in Lexington, KY

September 4, 2013

Kentucky Proud – The Wonder of Being An Advertising Agency in Lexington, KYOculus Studios is a company that was conceived and built in Lexington, Kentucky. The founders of Oculus Studios were both born and raised right here in the Bluegrass, and that Kentucky pride runs through and through. Every day, we work with companies from all over the nation with a variety of different needs and messages [...]

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