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Watch your words – the value of content in TV commercials

May 6, 2013

Watch your words – the value of content in TV commercialsOculus Studios makes all kinds of television commercials for clients every year. We have some clients that want the focus of their spot to be on a specific item or a discount they’re offering, while others are wanting to build a brand message behind their company or a program. There is an amazingly fine line [...]

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The Power Of Branding

March 30, 2013

The Power Of BrandingIn 1994, Bristol-Myers Squibb had a failing brand in their Herbal Essences haircare line. In one of the greatest turnaround campaigns in history, they took their failing brand and created an overnight sensation. Not by changing the product, but by re-branding the packaging and launching their now famous commercial series. The “Say Yes” campaign featured [...]

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The Anatomy Of An Ad: A Case Study Of “Stop. $ave.”

March 24, 2013

The Anatomy Of An Ad: A Case Study Of “Stop. $ave.”Last summer, Commonwealth Credit Union reached out to Oculus and asked us to take a look at a service they offered called “Stop ‘n Save.” They wanted to start their quarter with a TV campaign to bring some much needed awareness to it. So we sat down to get a sense of what it was [...]

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