Cegelka For Council Campaign

Cegelka For Council Campaign


Cegelka For Council


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Creation Date

May 2014


Oculus Studios created a bold and memorable brand for the 2014 Cegelka campaign including a custom logo, collateral and tv commercial.



Oculus Studios was hired to create a bold and memorable brand for the 2014 Cegelka For Council team. By breaking the mold with a round yard sign, and blue/green color combinations, Oculus aimed to bring Cegelka to the front of the pack going against two incumbents and a seven-time councilman.

Along with branding, the Oculus marketing team created a concise 30 second spot as a springboard into what Bill is passionate about and what drives his political stances.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed in this advertisement do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Oculus Studios.

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