So what the heck is an Oculus?


The oculus was first used by the Romans as a window to the outside world. It also reminded people to look upwards and onwards. As its Latin meaning "eye" would suggest, an oculus was supposed to act as a way to see more, to pause for a moment and really look. That was our simple goal from the start, to open your eyes, let you see, and to let you be seen by the world. Oculus Studios was founded on the idea that, with us, your brand will be the only thing people see. It's your business, out loud. We want to be an oculus through which people see the amazing businesses that we have the honor of working with.

Oculus Studios is an award winning, Lexington, Kentucky based advertising agency providing groundbreaking multimedia experiences for your target audience through sleek, modern visuals and original ideas. We focus on creating work that will reflect your unique values, goals, and commitment to your audience. To us, advertising is more than just visuals or text, it is an extension of your business. Oculus Studios specializes in brand identities, commercials, radio, print, web design, and motion graphics. We listen, create, inspire, and constantly strive to raise the bar in advertising.


We are an advertising agency based in Lexington, Kentucky but work with clients all over the world. Get in touch with us and let's create something inspired together!

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